Our general protocol is carried out as follows:

  • Clients access the cabinet through a landscaped area whose path is suitably disinfected and sanitized after each client’s visit.
  • You then enter a hall-hall where you can deposit your clothes and footwear in order to keep the work room free of pathogens. Likewise, you will have a hydroalcoholic gel specially selected for its high disinfection and suitable for all skin types.
  • Already naked, or at most with underwear, you can go to the work room, or if you wish, you can take a shower beforehand.
  • With clean skin and free of creams or oils, you can choose the Jacuzzi area if you wish, or if you prefer, directly to the massage room to disconnect and put yourself in the hands of the masseur… ..

The conscientious asepsis not only concerns the clients, both my person and my clothes are disinfected before each session, which is why today more than ever it is important to request an appointment at least half an hour in advance to guarantee the correct preparation of the cabinet.

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