Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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Should I book an appointment?

Yes, it is necessary to make an appointment at least half an hour in advance, in order to physically prepare and have everything ready in the cabinet.

Can I be present during the massage of my partner?

You can be present during the entire session, both observing as well as participating; both ways are considered a couple’s massage.

When the session is a couple, does it end in a threesome?

You will decide that as the session progresses.

What is the price of a session?

The price of an individual session is € 80, and as a couple € 120.

And how long is it?

The individual session has a minimum duration of one hour, and a couple session is an hour and a half, but generally it usually extends a bit more. It is concluded when the client has completed the entire process of the session.

What is included in that price?

A bathroom is available for personal hygiene, for both before and after the massage, and a varied menu of drinks such as whisky, beer or soft drinks among others is also available.

And if you want you can have car access in the garage within the same building, preserving absolute confidentiality.

What if the masseuse has to travel?

In that case, the price would increase by € 30 provided that the distance does not exceed 20Km. Farther locations are handled case-by-case. The visit can be carried out with or without a portable stretcher to suit the client.

Do I have to get naked for the massage?

Although the ideal is to be without clothes, you can start the massage by keeping whatever amount of clothing that makes you feel most comfortable. As the session progresses, the masseuse will suggest the removing relevant garments.

Is the masseuse naked during the session?

The usual thing is that you are received dressed, and that depending on how the session progresses, the masseuse will remove their clothing to also be naked.

Is there a safety guarantee in the whole process?

Of course; prophylaxis is very secure, and all penetration will be carried out with the appropriate condoms; having regards to latex intolerance as well.

Can I touch the masseuse?

As the massage progresses, you will be intimated and become more and more familiar with the masseuse, able to touch to your, even being able to reach completion.

What about the Cross-dressing?

This service invites the client to adopt a female role, choosing wardrobe and footwear according to their tastes. The professional will mostly act the male role. At the request of the client, an exchange of those roles could be established.