FRAN’s new parlor is located right in front of Hipercor. It is designed and adapted for enjoying maximum relaxation in an atmosphere of privacy and absolute discretion, with direct vehicle access to the garage of the building.

It also has an unbeatable location, with public transport and taxi stop at the door of the building.

In taking maximum care of hygiene, disposable materials have been further improved. With consistent use of prophylaxis, which has always been used throughout the process of the session, along with the use high quality condoms.

The parlor’s novel decoration is even more surprising due to the affect acquired by the large number of mirrors that cover the ceiling and walls, as well as its strategic location, which further enhances the arousing and exciting sessions.

With extraordinary asepsis you have at your disposal a bathroom that takes care of the smallest details. Everything you need for your personal hygiene can be enjoyed both before and after a well-deserved shower with hot towels for your comfort.

All accompanied by an exquisite and personalized treatment that will undoubtedly fulfill all your expectations. It’s a true pleasure for your senses.

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