Full massage session directed towards men, women or couples.

For about an hour and 15 minutes, the session is mostly comprised of a Tantric Massage, although it combines several techniques in order to achieve the optimal well being of the client.

It will usually be carried out without clothes, or with minimum garments, which will be removed throughout the session.

It starts with chiropractic technique, detecting and dissolving small knots and contractures, which will give way to the more erotic tantric massage. This will allow us to explore and activate our most erogenous points, finding the most pleasant areas of your body that will trigger a much more intense, explosive and prolonged climax.

The session acquires a more erotic dimension through the practice of “Nuru” massage, a technique based on the sliding of the masseuse’s body along the client’s body, exerting different types of pressures and caresses.

It is also worth highlighting our Cross-dressing service and the accessories that FRAN puts at your disposal in our new parlor. The Cross-dressing will be carried out with a wide range of lingerie, footwear and women’s clothing allowing an optimal feminization, allowing the client to act out his most intimate fantasies in a unique and but carefully prepared secure space.

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